How cool and Sex and the City-ish is this pink bag?! I definitely wouldn’t mind having this bag hanging around my shoulder the next time I’m going out for drinks. The bag is from Kotur and you can get it here. Advertisements

Winter has certainly arrived in Denmark which makes it crucial to invest In warmer pieces than the ones I have hanging in my closet. Therefore I’ve bought this beautiful second-hand fur coat from a Danish brand called This Is Who I Am. I’ve had my eyes on it for a while but haven’t been able […]

I’ve had my eye on this beautiful sweater for a little while now but I’ve had my doubts on whether to buy it or not – especially since I just recently found and bought a long-time craving, the beautiful Chanel sneakers that I blogged about a while ago. I was lucky enough to find them […]

I looove this beautiful sweatshirt with lace sleeves. Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit too heavy for me so I’ll have to wait for the high street brands to copy the look. If you have $1495 to spend on a sweatshirt, you can get it here.

I haven’t even shown you the beautiful glitter heels that I found on eBay right before New Years and was lucky enough to receive just in time for me to wear on New Years Eve. Win!

I wouldn’t mind wearing this cool outfit today but then again, I wouldn’t mind wearing all the outfits that Emmanuelle Alt wears. She’s the editor-in-chief of French Vogue and has, in my opinion, impeccable style. Photo is from Tumblr¬†

Yes, you’ve seen this blazer a few times by now. Somehow it’s become one of my favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment so even though I wasn’t sure whether to keep it or not, I guess it was a good investment after all. I was wearing: Isabel Marant pour H&M blazer, Sabo dress, Isabel Marant […]